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Introducing ToCite® Mobile

ToCite is an efficient and complete cloud-based parking enforcement software and permit management system. Coupled with handheld ticket writers, and photos of the violation printed on tickets, ToCite facilitates parking ticket and permit issuance for valet, events, municipalities, university and high school campuses, hospitals, corporations and private properties.

With innovative features such as iChalk, iPermit, iMeter, and a comprehensive approach to back office records management, ToCite is revolutionizing the parking management industry. The ToCite enforcement solution also features mobile handheld Android-based devices and a simple monthly fee.

View a video that demonstrates the simplicity of UPsafety's ToCite parking solution.

ToCite Features


State-of-the-art "chalk-free" electronic tire chalking.


Parking enforcement in locations using Pay-to-Park by phone or parking kiosk.


Sell, manage and enforce permits electronically.

State-Specific Editions

ToCite editions that meet enforcement needs in the Empire and Keystone States.

Photos printed on ticket
  • Accurate Proof of Violation for every ticket
  • Improved Violation Enforcement
  • Lower Court Costs / Time
  • Faster Ticket Issuing from start to finish
  • Simplifies the Overall Ticketing/Citation Process
  • Automatically populates street name or intersection closest to Officer's location
Electronic Signature Capture
iChalk Electronic Tire Chalking
Location Based (GPS) Technology
Easy to read weatherproof /Archival Printed Ticket
GPS Locations/Time
Subscription/Lease versus Outright Purchase
  • Effective Next Generation Solutions for a Department of One or One Hundred!
  • Cost effective
  • One low monthly fee, no per ticket cost
Cloud Integrated e-Commerce for Violation Payment and Permitting
  • No need for on-site servers
iPermit Integration
  • Alerts Officers of vehicles with valid permits and displays driver phone number and vehicle information such as registration, make, model, color, etc.
  • Permits can be validated instantly by scanning a barcode on the permit
  • Real time integration with your kiosk or pay-to-park solution to identify paid spaces or vehicles as well as those recently expired
Audio Recording Functionality
  • Records audio evidence to be associated with the ticket
Voice Input
  • Issue a ticket completely by voice
Vehicle Registration Sticker Scan
  • Applicable for states with a barcode on the registration sticker (i.e. NY)
Real Time Ticket Issuance
  • Tickets are available for payment immediately after issuance (with optional data plan)
Scofflaw Alerts
  • Automatically identifies repeat offenders based on your chosen parameters
Boot / Tow / Other Services
  • Notify a boot, tow, or other services company of a vehicle in violation requiring service
Vehicle Owner Lookups
  • A convenient means of gathering owner data for vehicles which have been issued tickets
Historic Lookup Capability
  • Allows officer to view, reprint, void or append additional notes after ticket issuance
Automatic Data Population
  • Tickets issued to a vehicle with a valid permit or that has been ticketed recently will automatically populate vehicle information
Included Automated Software Updates
  • Updated features and benefits are pushed directly to devices as they become available
All inclusive one piece solution with integrated printer:
  • Large easy to read and use screens for fast and accurate citation entries
  • Intuitive auto-fill fields speed citation entries and violation issuance
  • Multiple carrying options and accessories
  • Solution can be designed to suit your requirements and integrate easily with your existing systems
Two piece hardware solutions: Hardware Images

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Parking Enforcement in the ToCite Cloud

All of United Public Safety's parking management solutions are entirely based in the "Cloud" with mobile devices which are interfaced through the internet. The solutions do not require on-site servers, backup systems, updates, or any other typical IT support. The only requirements are an internet connection and a computer running a browser.

UPsafety Cloud Image

Screen Shots

ToCite makes parking enforcement easy, efficient and intuitive. From start to finish, the easy to read screens take the user step by step through the parking ticket and electronic tire chalking processes. ToCite eliminates errors and shortens ticket writing time.

ToCite GUI Image
iPermit Image
iChalk Image
Software Features
iPermit Permit Management
ToCite and iPermit Image

iPermit is an integrated software feature designed to sell, manage, and enforce permits from a single solution, including parking, hunting and fishing permits, just to name a few. iPermit increases revenue, decreases costs, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

iChalk Tire Chalking
Electronic Chalking Image

iChalk Electronic Tire Chalking aids officers in performing the task of timing vehicle stays without the use of notepads, laborious bending, or physically contacting the vehicle or the sidewalk, by recording all vehicle movements on one of UPsafety's handheld computers.