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Property Compliance

Manage parking and resident permits efficiently; enforce HOA, shopping centers/malls, private property, apartment, and condo code violations with ease; and keep residents happy with CodeCite, our efficient, all-in-one solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Take a photo of violation and print it on the citation
  • Scan and store permits for vehicle/residence owner information
  • One low monthly payment; No per citation costs
  • Easy to use ultra-rugged or Android™ hardware
  • Integrated system pays for itself with increased collections
  • Create new revenue
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Manage data, issue permits, and collect payments on the secure UPsafety Cloud
  • Customize your own e-commerce site
  • Enforce and issue a variety of property code and HOA violations
  • Promote good citizenship

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Enforce any violation

Why should you enforce property code and regulation compliance? It's simple. HOA Parking and Permit Violation Enforcement creates new revenue that can be returned to the community and promotes good citizenship. Enforcement keeps residents happy by creating a safer, more peaceful environment, and does away with the need for private property owners to call a towing company or law enforcement. Call us today to get started with CodeCite!

  • Noise complaints
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Pets and Animals
  • Parking Permits
  • Maintenance
  • Fire and Safety

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Signage Support

UPsafety can even set you up with the proper signage for your property. Let your residents and employees know what is enforced with easily readable, customized signs. Contact us for more information on property compliance enforcement and HOA citations in your community:

UPsafety Parking Sign Resident
UPsafety Parking Sign Employee
UPsafety Parking Signs
Private Property Enforcement
Parking and code enforcement on private property is slowly becoming a more common occurrence in communities throughout the country. Where private property owners used to call a towing agency or give out nearly meaningless warnings, now they are realizing that they have the lawful right to enforce parking and codes on their property, and to fine offenders.
Since this is a relatively new practice, there are a few very simple, but important tips to remember if you intend to make property enforcement a part of your community, and they all revolve around making your enforcement intentions known. Signs must be placed throughout your community and clearly visible to all staff, members, and visitors. According to the Washington State Attorney General’s office, “While private companies don't have statutory authority to issue parking tickets or citations in the way law enforcement officers do, they can request payment for parking on private property. The signage on private lots needs to be clear about what is considered unauthorized parking and what happens to unauthorized parkers.”