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Property Compliance

Why should you enforce property code and regulation compliance? It's simple. HOA Parking and Permit Violation Enforcement creates new revenue that can be returned to the community and promotes good citizenship. Enforcement keeps residents comfortable by creating a safer, more peaceful environment.

How do we help?

With CodeCite®—our efficient, all-in-one compliance solution for properties and HOAs—you can effectively manage parking and resident permits, enforce HOA rules, cite code violations for shopping centers/malls, private properties, apartments, and condos, and, most importantly, keep residents and visitors happy.

Features for Private Properties & HOAs



Sell, manage & enforce multiple permit types with a single solution.



Capture timed parking stays, scofflaw offenses & permit validations with the snap of a photo.

e-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce Solution

The quickest and easiest path to expedited revenue return.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Real-time tools for analyzing and fine-tuning enforcement activity.