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Real-time Parking Data; Optimized Enforcement Outcomes


UPsafety knows that enforcement has to be in real-time and information is critical to all enforcement processes. That's why we developed CityCite® — an intelligent and intuitive system for issuing, tracking, and improving the efficiency of ticket issuance. With a complete suite of powerful data analytics, a robust Cloud management system, real-time integration with Pay-to-Park providers, kiosks, LPR and financial software; your department will always know where your revenue and compliance generating programs stand.

With mobile enforcement, physical or virtual permitting, officer route management and real-time GIS analytics, the CityCite platform ensures your agency has every component needed for improving your operations from the ground up. You can automate permit purchases, permit renewals, ticket payments and adjudication, citation appeals, delinquent notice mailings and collections. Never before has such a powerful and complete solution been available for departments of all sizes and demands.

With CityCite:

  • Parking paid by kiosk or pay-to-park services is viewed in real-time
  • Search for and sort vehicles by time limit, space number, or license plate number
  • Ticket vehicles with auto population of relevant ticket data
  • Crosscheck license plate numbers for prior violations and apply escalated fines for repeat scofflaw offenders
  • Online and IVR payment portals are easily set up for all clients
  • Simplify your overall ticketing/citation process

Additional offerings

iChalk screen
Boot and Tow screen
Fleet Management screen
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  • Parking Enforcement
  • Permit Management
  • ID & Barcode Scanning
  • Auto-population of Data
  • Pay-to-Park Connectivity
  • Kiosk Integration
  • Photo Proof on Ticket
  • Warning Issuance
  • Scofflaw Contextual Notifications
  • iChalk® Electronic Tire Chalking
  • Automated Owner Lookups
  • Collection Services
  • Boot & Tow
  • ALPR/LPR Options
  • Disputes, Hearings, and Adjudication Requests
  • Fleet Management
  • Cloud-based Records Management
  • Robust Reporting
  • Import Capabilities
  • Data Analytics
  • In-Vehicle Ticket Issuance
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Personalized On-site Training

CityCite Mobile Enforcement Software Features

UPsafety's intuitive software is loaded with features designed to allow your officers to issue any ticket accurately and efficiently, all in 20 seconds or less.

Easy-to-navigate auto-fill screens take you step-by-step through the ticketing process, aiding officers in their duties every step of the way.

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Snap-and-Go tire chalking

With iChalk, you can electronically chalk vehicles without notepads, bending or physical contact.

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Real-time integration with permit purchases and renewals

iPermit is UPsafety's permit management tool, an integral part of the CityCite parking enforcement solution.

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Meter and Kiosk integrations for smarter, targeted enforcement

Enforce parking within paid zones.

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Just snap the plate and check for permits, chalks, scofflaw, meter violations and more

Streamline your enforcement. Eliminate time-consuming steps.

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