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Enforce any Code Violation

Enforcement officers can quickly and efficiently document code violations by capturing up to twelve on-the-spot images as evidence. After the appropriate data is entered into the “House Number” and “Street” fields, the CodeCite software crosschecks the address for prior violations and can also apply escalating fines for repeat scofflaw violators.

Images provide proof of violation and are time stamped with the date and time the image was taken as well. CodeCite automatically uploads the violation data and photo evidence into the Cloud for immediate viewing back at the office—no citation transcription is needed whereby eliminating transcription time and errors.

Enforcement officers using the N5 mobile handhelds may then print an optional weatherproof citation containing the collected violation data, officer signature, and one of the evidence images. CodeCite also allows for convenient violation payments online via a customized e-Commerce site.

The video to the right demonstrates the ease of UPsafety's CodeCite.

CodeCite Features

  • Take a photo of violation & print it on the citation
  • One low monthly payment; No per citation costs
  • Easy to use ultra-rugged or Android™ hardware
  • Integrated system pays for itself with increased collections
  • Enforce and issue a variety of property code and HOA violations

  • Accurate information for collection enforcement
  • Customize your own e-commerce site
  • Manage data and collect payments on the secure UPsafety Cloud
  • 24/7/365 support

Enforce Employee Compliance

Hospital officials understand the importance and challenges of maintaining the highest level of professionalism within their corridors. A clean, quiet environment is critical to a patient's healing process. Yet, the only way to ensure quality of life standards within your facility is to insist on compliance from your employees.

Utilizing CodeCite's fully customizable violation fields, hospital administrators now have the tools necessary to enforce quality of life/environment compliance regulations. From smoking and loitering to noise and hand washing, hospitals can issue warnings or citations to any employee who fails to deliver on the professional guidelines set forth by the hospital. Let our CodeCite mobile enforcement solution remove the obstacles hindering your patients' well being.

Student Conduct Violations and Room Inspections

Universities and colleges have the dual responsibility of ensuring the well-being of their students while also upholding the integrity of the school. To accomplish this, schools create codes of conduct for their students to follow covering everything from noise and litter to serious offenses like underage drinking and disorderly behavior. So what happens when someone violates that code?

The responsibility of enforcement falls upon public safety officers. Responding to an incident, they must quickly evaluate the situation, deal with dangers, restore safety, and then handwrite an incident report. Because so much of their work depends upon swift reactions, officers require a mobile solution that can keep up with their critical responsibilities.

CodeCite enables public safety officers to enforce any conduct rule by issuing instant warnings to offenders and uploading on-the-spot incident reports. Mobile violation data uploads allows for immediate disciplinary review by the school's administration.

Beyond active conduct enforcement, CodeCite can also be utilized as an efficient dorm inspection solution for student damage at move out. Simply input the room number and inspection information, capture "proof of damage" images, and upload data immediately into the backoffice to review and apply fines against a student’s record.