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CodeCite® for Enforcing any Code Violation


CodeCite is a highly efficient mobile code enforcement solution designed to simplify officers' and back office staffs' tasks of enforcing local ordinances.

CodeCite enables you to quickly and efficiently issue warnings or citations by inputting appropriate data and capturing up to 12 on-the-spot images as evidence. Our solution automatically uploads violation data into the Cloud for immediate viewing back at the office—no citation transcription is needed thereby eliminating transcription time and errors.

With CodeCite:

  • Simplify your overall ticketing/citation process
  • Capture and print images with date and time stamp on citation, as clear proof of violation
  • Cross-check addresses for prior violations and apply escalated fines for repeat scofflaw offenders
  • Save time and money
  • Allow violators to pay tickets online or via telephone

Enforce it all:

  • Noise Ordinances
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Trash & General Blight
  • Pet & Animal Nuisances
  • Poor Property Maintenance
  • Landscaping & Tall Grass
  • Alarm Codes
  • Electrical & Plumbing
  • HOA Violations
  • …and more!

Intelligent Enforcement for any Property Sector


Your residents deserve to live in a clean and safe community. Enforce a variety of compliance, conduct and property violations including noise complaints, dumping, tall grass and general blight.

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Enforce and issue a variety of property code and HOA violations.

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Maintain quality of life standards within your facility.

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Enforce student code of conduct at campuses and universities.

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Easy, Intuitive Enforcement

An intelligent interface that issues warnings and citations in less than one minute, with complete accuracy

CodeCite makes code enforcement easy, efficient and intuitive.

From start to finish, the easy-to-read screens take you step by step through the issuing process, eliminating errors and shortening ticket writing time.

CodeCite's easy to navigate auto-fill screens take you step by step through the citation process with:

  • Photo evidence & GPS location featured right on the citation & in the Cloud
  • Notifications & scofflaw validation for repeat offenders/unpaid citizens
  • Data uploads instantly to the Cloud
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