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Introducing ForCite® Mobile

ForCite allows the issuance of state statutes and offenses and integrates in real time with your court system and RMS. With new, innovative features and back office connectivity, ForCite offers a wide range of functionality to benefit officer efficiency with an emphasis on safety.

Already approved by the Administration of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) and the New Jersey Administration of Courts (NJ AOC), UPsafety can issue, print and electronically file to each state's respective court system in real time. We are currently working with many police departments to modernize their issuance process.

The video to the right features one of the many testimonials we have received. Horsham, PA Police Chief Daly discusses how his department has been transformed by the UPsafety's ForCite solution.

The 3-inch Ticket

A ForCite offering, only on the N5Scan

With the N5Scan mobile device, law enforcement officers on foot, motorcycle, bicycle or horseback no longer have to carry ticket pads and handwrite arduous error-prone tickets. Using an integrated printer, the lightweight N5Scan produces 3-inch wide tickets and warnings on the spot.

The built-in scanner can read identification barcodes with the touch of a button making for a vastly improved input and issuance process. The 5.7-inch display and rugged exterior allows officers to quickly issue tickets in any weather condition.

3-inch ticket

Driver’s License and Registration Scan/Populate
  • Accurate Proof of Violation for Every Citation = Fewer Disputes
  • Automatic e-Filing with State Courts in PA and NJ
  • Lower Court Costs / Time
  • Faster Citation Issuing from Start to Finish
  • License and Registration Scanning
  • Intuitive Auto-Fill Fields
  • Replicate Entered Citation Details for Easy Multi-Citation Issuance
  • Dynamic Field Layout Increases Speed of Entry by Hiding Unnecessary Fields
  • Validation Logic to Ensure No Required Information is Omitted
  • Role Based Access
  • Integrated Reporting for Administrative Use
  • Eliminated Redundant Data Entry = Increased Productivity
  • Printed Formats are Fully Approved by Each Administration of Courts
Attachable, Printed Photographic Evidence
Location Based (GPS) Technology capable
Easy to read, Weatherproof / Archival Printed Citations
One Time Data Capture
Lease or Purchase Options Available
  • Affordable and effective solutions for departments any size. Monthly per user license fees allow you to purchase only what you need to get the job done
Cloud-Based Total Citation Management System
  • No servers / No Local IT Support — All Cloud-based software management
Compatible with most existing MDT configurations, including laptops and tablets
  • Device tracking capable
Integrate ForCite with your existing computer system with a barcode scanner and a printer
  • Large easy to read and use screens for fast and accurate citation entries
  • Intuitive auto-fill fields speed citation entries and violation issuance
  • Multiple carrying options and accessories
  • Solution can be designed to suit your requirements and integrate easily with your existing systems
    Forcite Hardware Images
Choose an ultra-rugged mobile device for issuance on foot, bike, motorcycle or horseback Hardware Images
    Forcite Hardware 2 Images

Questions to ask a potential provider

Because we understand the importance of finding the best e-Citation solution, we have constructed a helpful list of questions to ask your prospective solution supplier. For your convenience, we have included UPsafety’s answers for your comparison.

  • How reliable is the solution’s data population when scanning Vehicle Registration and Driver's Licenses?

    The UPsafety solution automatically populates as much data as is contained in each document's barcode. The format and data contained within the barcodes change year to year and differ from state to state. Our system features intelligent "Unsuccessful Barcode Parse Logic" which, in the rare case of an unsuccessful barcode parse, will send the data scanned to our support team to incorporate the new format for future scans.

  • Is there a direct link to the Administration of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) to eFile your Citations in real time to your courts?
  • Yes, our system is approved by the AOPC to electronically issue, print, and electronically file each of your PA Traffic Citations to your Magistrate Courts.

  • Must a dedicated server be purchased, what are the initial setup costs, and what are the recurring costs associated with this?

    No. UPsafety hosts your data on our secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Server, approved by JNET and the AOPC for use with the issuance and e-filing of PA Traffic Citations. You can find more security information on our cloud by visiting our About Our Cloud Webpage. Your costs of your hosting with us are 100% included in your Software License, which includes maintenance and a lifetime warranty for as long as you are our customer.

  • Does the solution have built-in data redundancy and disaster mitigation?

    Yes, all of your data at rest in our cloud is backed up in real time to two separate servers which allows us to maintain an availability of 99.99%. Our cloud solution also features automated disaster mitigation. More details on our data redundancy and disaster mitigation features can be found at our Cloud Webpage.

  • Does the supplier offer 24/7/365 support?

    Yes, UPsafety provides 24/7/365 support which is included for no additional charge as part of your solution.

Parking Enforcement in the ForCite Cloud

United Public Safety's e-Citation management solution is entirely based in the "Cloud" with MDT’s and associated devices which are interfaced through the internet. The solutions do not require on-site servers, backup systems, updates, or any other typical IT support. The only requirements are an internet connection and a computer running a browser.

UPsafety Cloud Image
UPsafety Citation

ForCite offers license and registration scanning, intuitive auto-fill fields, photo on citation, GPS and time/date annotation on images. ForCite redefines efficiency with this innovative "all in one" solution. Check out the UPsafety citation options below!

ForCite Citation Image

8.5″ Citation

ForCite Citation Image

4″ Citation

Screen Shots

ForCite makes enforcement easy, efficient and intuitive. From start to finish, the easy to read screens take the user step-by-step through the e-Citation process eliminating errors and shortening citation writing time.

Screen Citation Image
Screen Popup Image
Screen Popup Image