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Campus Enforcement Solutions

Campus Enforcement Solutions with UPsafety


Knowing who belongs on campus is critical, and you need the right tools to make informed responses. At UPsafety, a T2 Systems company, we know that small campuses face many of the same challenges as large, and that parking enforcement, permit management, and student conduct compliance matter.

Enter UCite®, our enforcement solution designed specifically for colleges and universities of any size. You can automate permit purchases, permit renewals, ticket payments and adjudication, citation appeals, delinquent notice mailing, collections and more, all while improving your parking and permit enforcement operations from the ground up through our real-time analytics platform.

The solution is fully customizable to your department’s policies and procedures, allows your staff to manage their operation from any device with an Internet connection, and is supported by the same in house development team who build and improve upon it every day.

Do away with paper processes, sticker shock inducing large providers, and outdated solutions, and let our expertise in working with campuses small and large work for you..

Features for Campuses


iPermit Feature

Sell, manage & enforce multiple permit types with a single solution.

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E-Commerce Solution

e-Commerce Feature

The quickest and easiest path to expedited revenue return.

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ALPR Feature

Capture timed parking stays, scofflaw offenses & permit validations with the snap of a photo.

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