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Campus Enforcement Solutions

Two mobile enforcement solutions for your campus! Boost efficiency, revenue, and parking compliance with UPsafety's ToCite parking enforcement software and permit management solution. Scan parking permits, capture images of the vehicle/violation, and print the image right on the ticket. With CodeCite, you can enforce student conduct compliance and issue on-the-spot warnings. CodeCite also doubles as an efficient inspection tool to document dorm room damage with image evidence capture and immediate backoffice data transfer to review and assess fines.

Features and Benefits

  • One low monthly payment; under 4¢ a ticket
  • Easy record management and reporting
  • A complete solution. No IT experience required
  • Integrated cameras provide proof of violation for patron and administration
  • Allows patrons to pay for their parking ticket from any computer
  • Ultra-rugged or Androidâ„¢ options
  • Decreases disputes
  • Remote printers easily interface to your existing hardware
  • Integrated printers
  • 24/7/365 support

For Campuses Large and Small

Knowing who belongs on campus is critical. You need the right tools to make an informed response. At United Public Safety, we know that small campuses face many of the same challenges as large campuses and that parking enforcement, permit management, and student conduct compliance matters.

We also know that the price tag placed on commercially available solutions can cause sticker shock. That's why we have created these cloud based campus mobile solutions for universities, colleges, and high schools of any size. Our solution is available for a low monthly payment with no per ticket fees! Call us today to get started!

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