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United Public Safety is a Pennsylvania-based technology provider that delivers the single best enforcement, permitting, and e-citation solutions available on the market today. The solutions developed by UPsafety have been refined and adapted to satisfy the disparate needs of municipalities, universities, medical institutions, and private property owners throughout the United States.

Our mission is to reduce the burden of departmental staff who are mired in outdated technology and inefficient processes. UPsafety utilizes cloud-based software and state-of-the-art hardware while offering unprecedented training and support. Our remarkable enforcement and permitting solution results in expedited Return On Investment (ROI).

In addition to our innovative technology, our customer service is second-to-none. We take pride in each customer’s positive experience. To that end, we promise 24/7/365 support for our clients and a 90-day money-back guarantee. If for some reason we do not make your department run faster and smoother with an overall happier aura, we do not deserve your business, period.

There are many other reasons to choose to work with UPsafety. See why.

Whether you are looking for a ticketing/e-citation solution for the first time or replacing a solution your department has outgrown, our team will be with you to provide support every step of the way 24/7/365.

Mission Statement
We believe that the government can serve people better through technology. We build innovative public safety solutions to prove it. We strive to provide a stable, team-focused environment for our associates that will inspire creativity.
COSTARS is a new approach to the Cooperative Purchasing Program. COSTARS encourages the formulation of an interactive partnership between Local Public Procurement Units and the Commonwealth. United Public Safety is a proud Certified Pennsylvania Department of General Services COSTARS Supplier.