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Focus. Transparency. Vision.

Designing the right solutions for enforcement in 20/20.

Our Vision For Parking Technology

Unlike the flood of kiosk vendors, Pay-to-Park vendors and others moving into the parking enforcement arena at light speed, Parking Management and Citation Issuance software has been our core focus since day one.

We have no exclusive industry partnerships, no lucrative referral agreements, and no partisanship. Is it time to get new meters or kiosks? We integrate with all of them, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and will recommend the perfect one to you. At no charge.

What about parking apps, in ground sensors, parking boots and enforcement policies? We can help find you the perfect, best in class collection of solutions to solve your issues once and for all.

“Well, UPsafety, how do you know what’s best-in-class?” Because we’ve seen it all, and have no incentive to advise you otherwise. We’re in this to help your department succeed, and if we don’t execute, we will not earn your business for long.

We believe heavily in the old adage “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”. We are masters at making your enforcement practices as efficient as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.

About Us

Founded in Horsham, PA in 2012 by Joan Young and an accredited group of Philadelphia-based investors, United Public Safety is a leading provider of enforcement, asset tracking, and business process automation software for modern governments.

Our Dedicated Team

Comprised of a core group of individuals with backgrounds in software programming, hardware development, customer service and support, law enforcement, solution development, sales, and marketing, UPsafety’s team brings decades of collective experience to our solution. The unification of these skill sets empower us to work synergistically to provide our clients with the most innovative, efficient, and complete public safety products available. The UPsafety team is enthusiastically dedicated to serving the needs of every single client.

A Focus that Truly Sets Us Apart

We’re a small company at UPsafety, distinguished by a gargantuan level of care for our clients.

Our Approach

From years of working hand in hand with clients, we have come to know just how complex, multi-faceted and unique each and every successful parking program must be. Our job is to match that complexity and uniqueness with tailored and uncompromising solutions, ensuring the information and processes necessary to answer the hard questions are never out of reach, no matter how fast technology and policy shift.

We believe this adds up to something powerful: more time for your department to deal with the important issues; the ones that make life easier for each and every citizen.

Our goal is not to be your “vendor.” It’s to be your trusted technology partner and sidekick, tackling the challenges faced by your department head on. As you grow, so do the challenges. We want to help you meet those challenges head on.

Our Software

We don’t sell licenses to a suite of static software that was written years ago; we provide access to the body of a solution that is enhanced daily. We engineer all software in-house and employ a talented team of Cloud, Android and specialist developers; empowering us — not a third party, to fully support our solutions. Each and every day they try their best to answer a deceptively hard question:

How can we make our clients’ lives easier?

This year, we think we’ve done a lot, including:

  • Route Management with InCites
  • Heat Maps and Advanced Reporting and Metrics

What problems are on the slate to be solved for 2018? Just ask our clients, the same ones who create our roadmap.

Our Support

We provide 24/7/365 in-house support from real, live, U.S.-based employees who understand your installation inside and out. Support and training are a shared function at our company, meaning the same person that trains you will be the one answering your questions from that day forward.

This is not a “my software’s broken!” gig either; this is a channel for all assistance needed with the software and solution. This includes things from “How do I generate this report for my meeting tomorrow!?” at 2am, to “Can you add another field to my ticket for me?” at 2pm and everything in between.

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