Automatic License Plate Recognition.

Streamline your enforcement—eliminate time-consuming steps

With our Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) integration, a simple photo of a vehicle's license plate number will fill out information for you within our CityCite® software. ALPR integration will provide you with instant verification of timed parking stays, scofflaw offenses, permit validations, and paid parking status—all through one snapshot.

Our ALPR is truly portable and uses a standard digital camera as opposed to fixed/vehicle mounted ALPR which uses external, Infrared (IR) cameras.

Introducing CiteStreamTM Auto-Capture functionality

UPsafety's CiteStream ALPR puts a full car-mounted ALPR engine in the palm of your hands. The feature captures license plate information without enforcement officers stopping and snapping photos. By simply pointing the camera at a vehicle while walking by, CiteStream intelligently captures plate numbers and alerts officers if the vehicle is in violation.

With the ALPR feature you can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Instantly perform scofflaw and permit checks
  • Streamline multiple enforcement tasks in a single step
  • Save and attach photos to tickets for good record keeping
  • Simplify your overall ticketing process

ALPR Features


Confirms that a vehicle did not move between the first and second chalks and allows the officer to quickly select the position of the valve stem based on "hour" positions on a clock. This provides additional proof that a vehicle did not move during their time chalked.


iChalk will intelligently identify if a vehicle's license number was chalked previously in any space that day to help identify those who may be moving their vehicle to a different space on the same street or location.


"Summary by Location" sorting lets officers view and publish chalks across all locations to help make informed decisions on what areas to visit next. All sorts will identify the vehicles that are closest to the officer as they walk the streets or lots in real-time.


Lets officers visibly identify where vehicles were chalked on a map as they patrol and perform actions.

ALPR-Integrated Features