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Citizen Connect

A quick & easy path to expedited revenue return.

UPsafety makes it simple for your patrons to pay tickets.


From permits to parking citations and disputes, we can handle your parking management, enforcement and collections with our highly secure e-commerce site, as part of our CityCite® solution. Your patrons can pay outstanding tickets from any device, or via IVR.

Citizen Connect is truly the quickest and easiest path to expedited revenue return on Municipal Parking Tickets and Permits. When tickets or permits are paid online, they are immediately updated into your back office. The Portal is highly secure PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant and easy to use and manage.

Citizen Connect Icons

Once enrolled, post a link on your website to your customized Citizen Portal.

Citizen Connect Access Trio

From the Portal, Violators can:

  • Review photo evidence as well as all ticket data recorded at time of issuance
  • View parking fine schedules, laws and FAQs
  • Purchase, renew and track permits
  • Dispute and inquire as to ticket status via text, and chat bots, including the upload of secure file attachments which can be viewed immediately by organization staff

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