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Parking Enforcement Software Solutions for Municipalities

Municipal Parking Enforcement with UPsafety


Managing growth is challenging for any organization; but it’s even harder when you’re doing it in the dark.

UPsafety partners with Municipalities and Government Organizations across the country to provide cutting edge parking management software and solutions that bring their operations to light.

The heart of our solution for municipalities, CityCite®, offers an Azure Government Cloud hosted solution that combines cutting edge hardware with unrivaled software, built, maintained and improved on daily by our in-house staff of architects and engineers.

With CityCite®, you can automate permit purchases, permit renewals, ticket payments and adjudication, citation appeals, delinquent notice mailing, collections and more, all while improving your enforcement operations from the ground up through our real-time analytics platform.

With constant updates and innovation, no long term contracts, and a dedication to providing the best support and training in the industry, your organization will always stay ahead of the curve.

Features Benefitting Municipalities & Governments


iChalk Feature

State-of-the-art software for "chalk-free" electronic tire chalking.

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iMeter Feature

Smarter enforcement of vehicles using kiosks & pay-to-park solutions.

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E-Commerce Solution

e-Commerce Feature

The quickest and easiest path to expedited revenue return.

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iPermit Feature

Sell, manage & enforce multiple permit types with a single solution.

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ALPR Feature

Capture timed parking stays, scofflaw offenses & permit validations with the snap of a photo.

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