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UPsafety FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our Solutions

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Can UPsafety integrate with my current Records Management System or student record system?
What does it mean that the solution is "Effective for a Department of One or One Thousand"?
Typically IT solutions, especially for public safety, are expensive and time consuming to implement.
What makes UPsafety different?
What is the Cloud and what are its advantages?
Why are Cloud application solutions so cost effective?
Is our data protected and secure?
We have a unique set of requirements. Will UPsafety be able to work with us?
Does UPsafety have e-Commerce options for Ticket and Permit Payments?
What equipment do I need to use the UPsafety Cloud?
Are there specific web browsers that I must use to access the UPsafety Cloud?
What about consumable costs?
What type of ticket paper does the UPsafety system use?
Is support included in the price?
What ticket writer/hardware do I need to use with this solution?
What is the warranty on UPsafety hardware?
Who manages our UPsafety Cloud system backups of our data?
Do servers still serve important functions?
Can I revert back to paper should the need arise?
Where can I purchase additional rolls of paper or accessories?
How long does training typically take?

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