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When compliance is mission critical.

Corporate Parking & Compliance Enforcement

Are your employees taking up precious patient parking? What about your visitors disregarding parking time limits? When every second counts, ensure your patients have the parking they need for timely care.

With ToCite®, our flagship product for hospitals of any size, you can ensure adherence to parking regulations by making the entire process virtual. Through a single site, customized to your organization, your employees can view all information regarding the permitting program, as well as register, pay for and renew associated permits. These permits can either be entirely virtual, employing a license plate validated system, or, can just as easily be deployed as 2D barcode stickers.

Permits are enforced through Automatic-License Plate Recognition (ALPR) built-in to software, useable on any Android device, or through an integrated barcode scanner. Violations and warnings can be printed on the spot, sent via email, or automatically posted to employee accounts. Once these infraction notices are issued, payments, as well as disputes can be made immediately online, and our sophisticated collections partners can aid in revenue recovery for serial offenders.

It’s all up to you; our software is fully customizable to give your department the power to effectively enforce your parking program.

With constant updates and innovation, no long term contracts, and a dedication to providing the best support and training in the industry, your hospital will always stay ahead of the technological curve, while maintaining the compliance necessary to ensure parking is there when patients and critical staff need it.

Features for Hospitals & Corporations



Sell, manage & enforce multiple permit types with a single solution.



Capture timed parking stays, scofflaw offenses & permit validations with the snap of a photo.

e-Commerce Solution

E-Commerce Solution

The quickest and easiest path to expedited revenue return.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Real-time tools for analyzing and fine-tuning enforcement activity.