The UPsafety Management Portal

Our all-in-one back office solution

Our Management Portal eliminates the need for costly on-site servers, backup systems and local IT support — saving your department time, effort and money. All data, images and notes on your handheld device are communicated to the Cloud in real-time, allowing payments and disputes to be handled from the moment a ticket is issued, as well as permit and scofflaw data to be kept accurate to the second.

Access the UPsafety Management Portal from any device and browser. All that's needed is an Internet connection!

CityCite Cloud Interface

Through the Cloud, you can easily:

  • View, maintain and process all ticket and permit data
  • Create and review real-time officer locations and issuance data
  • Create custom reports
  • Communicate with and dispatch officers in real-time
  • View detailed analytics on each and every aspect of your enforcement program

Powered by

Microsoft Azure

The Management Portal Features

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Ticket Details

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The Dashboard

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