A look ahead into the enforcement industry
August 2017
Product Review of Nubrella for PEOs

UPsafety Product Review of the Nubrella for PEOs


From time to time United Public Safety will test and review equipment that we feel could be beneficial for use by Parking Enforcement Officers in the field. The hope is that the equipment we test and review will be rugged, improve efficiency and bring value to a department.

Recently, United Public Safety purchased a newly introduced product named the Nubrella. Join me while I test and review this product to determine if the Nubrella is a product that we would feel comfortable marketing to our clients.

August 2017
Getting Value and Satisfaction from Parking Management Providers

How to Derive Value & Satisfaction from your Parking Management Provider


I learned two key items from my trip to IPI in NOLA.

  • First, and arguably most importantly, the food in New Orleans is fantastic. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it if you are a foodie like myself.
  • Many parking companies are changing business strategies. I noticed numerous businesses showing at IPI now offering a “one-stop shop” convenience store approach to Parking Management. Interesting.

August 2017
Ticketing Devices for Enforcement

10 Critical Points To Consider When Selecting A Ticketing Device For Enforcement


There are a few options available in today’s market for mobile enforcement devices. It comes down to three types:
  • an all-in-one mobile device with an integrated printer
  • a rugged mobile/handheld or tablet device with a paired Bluetooth printer
  • a cell phone with paired Bluetooth printer

July 2017
Blight and Code Enforcement

Compliance vs. Revenue
The Code Enforcement Conundrum


QUALITY OF LIFE; what do these three words mean to you? For most of us, the answer is pretty clear. Are my basic needs met? Am I feeling physically well? Am I happy? For municipalities, however, there are more questions embedded in Quality of Life than answers.