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Ultra-rugged Handhelds
Introducing the N5Scan

The Unprecedented Ultra-Rugged Android™ Handheld Device

The next generation of mobile enforcement devices designed specifically for Public Safety. The N5Scan is the best-in-class mobility device for your team. Featuring an integrated 3” thermal printer, magnetic stripe reader, and dedicated barcode scanning capability, the N5Scan is ideal for EVERY Public Safety application. Features include:

  • Honeywell® N6603 Series

  • Integrated 3” thermal printer

  • Android™ OS v5.X

  • Ultra-Rugged Android handheld device

  • 13 MP Camera

  • Hot-Swappable Battery

  • A-GPS support

  • 3G/4G capable Verizon data plan

  • 4G LTE Network

  • Smart Card Reader

N5Scan Image
N5Scan Parking Image
N5Scan Ticket Steps Image

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Use our experience and consultative approach to take your parking enforcement/e-citation solution to the next level. Don't see the handheld or parking enforcement equipment you are looking for? We want to provide a complete solution that is the most efficient available, so if it is not shown here, we will find it or make suggestions.

Our hardware. Your solution.

Just need the hardware? We offer our standard ultra-rugged Android devices ready to accept your software applications.

Why rugged?

What are the benefits of an ultra-rugged handheld compared to a consumer grade tablet or smartphone?

  • Ultra-rugged units operate in any temperature, hot or cold

  • Water tight, works well in wet weather conditions

  • Some tabs/smartphones will cease to work in extreme temperatures

  • Some screens recognize rain drops as a "touch," not water tight

Tablets and Smart Phones (Android 4.0 or higher)
UPsafety andi on Samsung Galaxy Note, Focus, Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy Note Image
  • Lightweight

  • Integrated camera

  • Touch screen

  • Automatic screen rotation

UPsafety andi on Samsung® Galaxy Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab Image
  • Lightweight

  • Integrated camera

  • 1280 x 800 touch screen

  • Automatic screen rotation

Mobile Printers
Magnetic Printer Mount Image
  • 2, 3, 4 inch printers

  • Variety of thermal papers available

  • IP54 rated

  • Connects easily to your belt and handheld device

  • Magnetic In-Vehicle and On-Equipment Mount available

N5Print/Scan Dashboard Mount
N5 Car Mount
N5 Car Mount

Introducing the NEW N5 Car Mount!

  • Mount N5Scan and N5Print devices on your vehicle dashboard for easy access and to keep your device secure.

Contact us for more information about this accessory.

Carrying Cases and Straps
N5Scan Strap Image
N5Scan Case Image
  • The N5 Flex Strap

  • Choose from neck/shoulder straps, safety straps, cases, buckets, and bags. Contact your sales representative to discuss your options.

Docking Stations/Charging Cradles
N5Scan Dock Image
  • Advanced desktop mount for the N5Scan, upload to the cloud while charging both the N5Scan and a spare battery.

Four Position Charging Dock
  • Sturdy and convenient four position charging dock.

HGalaxy Note Dock Image
  • Now Sync to the cloud while you charge your Note II and a spare battery.

The NEW N5 Flex Strap

A combined hand strap and over the shoulder strap that allows your device to be easily viewed and operated securely with improved flexibility.

The Flex Strap allows you to use your device at a moments notice while preventing loss and damage from dropping the unit. Attaching to your device just as the standard hand strap does, the Flex Strap offers a safe and secure way to carry and hold any of our devices with minimal effort. The adjustable, all-weather nylon strap has a break-away safety feature built in at the shoulder and adjustable pad to maintain comfort and stability as you carry the N5Scan device. The N5 Flex Strap offers a safe and secure way to carry and hold any of our devices with minimal effort.

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Secure Operation in Either Position

  • Minimal Effort

  • Adjustable

  • All-Weather Nylon Strap

  • Break-Away Safety Feature

N5Scan Ticket Steps Image