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Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio

Founded in 1842, Ohio Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts school located in Delaware, Ohio, that supports academic internationalism and community service. Situated just north of Columbus, the 200-acre campus serves a diverse community of 1,750 with 26% international and U.S. multicultural students. So when it came to choosing a campus parking and permitting solution, the University required a comprehensive system that was easy for everyone to understand and use.

When asked about the selection of United Public Safety, Public Safety Manager Ramon Walls explained that the University researched many different companies. “Our decision wasn’t exclusively based on a company’s price. We also paid special attention to each product’s hardware options and how they worked with our needs.”

Mr. Walls continued by comparing ToCite to their prior process. “Initially, when I started here, we had a database system for our paper tickets that linked with student ID numbers. Due to changes in University database management systems, we converted to an Excel based tracking system, which meant that everything had to be manually entered. There was obviously a lot of data entry and filing, which was very time-consuming. We needed to address these administrative issues.”

Since implementing ToCite, the officers have experienced an almost immediate time savings related to administrative work. However, this isn’t the only area enjoying increased efficiency from the ToCite solution. “As far as purchasing the permits,” continued Mr. Walls, “we wanted a system that would allow us to accept credit cards online. We are seeing, almost daily, people paying using the E-commerce website. We also have seen an increase in the fines collected.”

It’s important to note that Mr. Walls saw the advantage of having support available 24/7/365 which was also a deciding factor in choosing UPsafety. He concluded that the University sought a system that would “be easy for officers to implement, as well as one supported by a strong customer support team.”

United Public Safety extends our thanks to Ohio Wesleyan University for sharing its positive process improvements. We look forward to continuing the high level of support and service that you have come to expect.

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quotemarkWe are seeing, almost daily, people paying using the e-commerce website. We also have seen an increase in the fines collected.quotemark
Ramon Walls
Public Safety Officer