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Radnor, Pennsylvania

Situated in the northwest corner of historic Delaware County, Radnor Township draws visitors looking to immerse themselves in the modern culture and extensive history of this charming community. A part of Philadelphia’s affluent Main Line, the township is home to nearly 32,000 residents. Radnor prides itself on educational excellence. So much so that eighteen private educational institutions, including Villanova University and Valley Forge Military Academy, call it home.

Radnor’s prime location demanded a solid system to regulate its 1,000 parking spaces. After a thorough review with support from the Wayne Business Association, Radnor’s police department chose to replace their outdated paper-ticketing method with United Public Safety’s parking and permitting solution. Lieutenant Christopher Flanagan shared his thoughts on the UPsafety solution having used it for over a year. “We are impressed by the product and what it promised to deliver, as well as the energy that the sales team brought to the table.” Lt. Flanagan remarked, “UPsafety treated Radnor well.”

Through our conversation, Lt. Flanagan explained that everyone wants to feel like their problems are understood. “There was a short learning curve, and the UPsafety team was compassionate during learning. We went from paper tickets to an entirely new process. By the end of the installation, the staff was well trained.”

The Radnor Police Department currently has 2 full-time and 3 part-time parking officers using the UPsafety solution who have issued 24, 639 tickets from July 2013 – July 2014. According to Lt. Flanagan, the benefit to the administrative staff was instantaneous. “Every morning one admin would spend hours transcribing the handwritten tickets. People would come to the window before the tickets were even in the system. Now, there is no more need for manual data entry.”

Beyond time savings, Lt. Flanagan added, “The amount of checks to process has decreased due to the implementation of the ecommerce site. There are also less people coming to the window to pay in person.” On average, 455 tickets were issued per week. Of those, 220 tickets were paid via the ecommerce website which results in a 48% reduction in foot traffic into the police station. However, it should be noted that Lt. Flanagan’s main priority is not collections. He emphasized that his staff was there “to enforce parking to better serve the community and not ticketing for the sole purpose of collecting revenue. Parking is about managing your spaces. UPsafety helps us do that.”

We were curious to see if Lt. Flanagan noticed positive results with the inclusion of photographic evidence on the tickets. “Absolutely. The officers typically use it with handicap parking, fire lanes, and back-ins. Photos are only used for high-end parking disputes. We don’t waste our time by taking pictures of everything, just those offenses that require visual proof.”

Lt. Flanagan is an enthusiastic proponent of the UPsafety solution. “I would be happy to walk anyone from a city, municipality, or university through the system. They can interview the staff to see it live on the street. I’d be happy to let them have a chance at a great product.”

Thank you to the Radnor Police Department and to the Radnor Board of Commissioners for allowing us to transform their parking process.

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Total Parking Spaces
1,000 spaces

quotemarkWe were impressed by the product and what it promised to deliver.quotemark
Lt. Christopher Flanagan
Radnor Township Police Department