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Oxford, Mississippi

Named as one of The Best 100 Small Towns in America, Oxford, Mississippi, is a lively community that is home to the University of Mississippi. Oxford is touted as the “Cultural Mecca of the South.” Writers, musicians, and artists find inspiration in Oxford’s rich history, small town charm, and thriving community.

Due to the steady flow of visitors to both the town and Ole Miss, Oxford’s Parking Authority required a mobile, all-inclusive parking enforcement software solution to manage its 1,800 parking spaces. Having researched the available systems on the market, Oxford determined that the Parking and Permitting Enforcement Solution offered by United Public Safety was the most advanced and the perfect fit for their community.

In conversation with Mr. Matt Davis, Parking Director of Oxford, MS, we asked a broad range of follow-up questions to assess his satisfaction with the UPsafety Parking and Permitting Solution. He explained that he had almost instant feedback from the UPsafety service members during the project set-up process. Regarding the installation experience, Mr. Davis happily remarked, “It was a fluid install. UPsafety provided a great service. It was nice to have the UPsafety representative on-site to help with customizations.”

Regarding his staff, Mr. Davis explained that they handled the transition from paper ticketing to the cloud-based solution very well. “My tech-savvy staff was fine in adjusting to the new system. The transition was seamless.” He also clarified that the UPsafety solution was simple to use—it was just a matter of learning how to use the abundant features during the hands-on training session.

Since abandoning the paper ticket writing process, Mr. Davis has observed a significant improvement in the efficiency of his department. The addition of audio and photographic evidence capture on the N4 has reduced arguments to “almost zero.” He also noted that the e-Commerce solution has resulted in more fines collected due to customer convenience.

When asked if he had contacted our customer service team, Mr. Davis joyfully replied, “I’m glad you asked that question! I contacted the service line and within five minutes, I had a call back from a technician. He walked through the steps with me and within 30 minutes we had found a resolution. My downtime was reduced dramatically. It was awesome!”

Since the install, Mr. Davis has been passionately promoting UPsafety’s parking and permitting solution to local enforcement peers. “I’m spreading the word to anyone who works within parking. I don’t have anything bad to say about the product itself nor the people who run it. The service is great!”

Thank you, Oxford, for allowing United Public Safety to exceed your expectations.

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Total Parking Spaces
1,800 spaces

quotemark…UPsafety provided a great service!quotemark
Matt Davis
Parking Director of Oxford