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LewisGale Medical Center, Salem, Virginia

For over a century, the LewisGale Medical Center has been leading the healthcare industry, serving thousands of patients in the Roanoke area with cutting-edge technology and skilled specialists. Comfortably situated on 15 acres in Salem, VA, this 521-bed facility is one of the largest medical centers in the state. Employing hundreds of medical professionals, LewisGale required an enforcement solution to manage staff parking.

United Public Safety recently spoke with Mr. Bobby Baker, the Director of Plant Operations, Safety, and Security at LewisGale. Mr. Baker explained that he chose UPsafety because we “offered a platform that I could utilize and customize to our needs being a private entity and not a governmental organization.” He added, “The training was good. We did a lot of things face to face. We have a very structured ITS department, so we had some challenges facing infrastructure and access upfront. Overall, it went pretty well.”

As with most medical centers, the parking and permitting system is utilized to strictly ensure employee compliance. Since implementing the UPsafety solution in January of 2013, Mr. Baker’s enforcement team has issued over 2,300 permits and 1,500 tickets. Mr. Baker specified that having photographs printed on the tickets has significantly reduced the volume of disputes.

Half way through their second year within the parking solution, Mr. Baker and his team look forward to their continued partnership with UPsafety. In fact, Mr. Baker is happy to share his positive experiences with others. He remarked that “I just had another organization contact me, and I did recommend UPsafety.” This level of customer satisfaction stands as a powerful testimony to anyone requiring a parking and permitting solution.

United Public Safety thanks LewisGale Medical Center for allowing us to diagnose your parking problem and treat it with our all-inclusive solution.

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Total Parking Spaces
1,000 spaces

quotemark[UPsafety] offered a platform that I could utilize and customize to our needs.quotemark
Bobby Baker
Director of Plant Operations, Safety & Security