Case Studies

Danville, Pennsylvania

Nestled in the low ridges of central Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains, Danville was settled in the late 1700’s. Danville is also home to several properties and districts located on the National Register of Historic Places. Overlooking the Susquehanna River, this humble borough also serves as the county seat for Montour County.

Due to its historical and civic importance, Danville attracts visitors from all over the state. As such, enforcing the 450 parking spaces throughout the borough required a lot of time for the Police Department. The outdated method of handwriting paper tickets was not capable of keeping up with the demand on the parking enforcement officers. Danville was a small town requiring a big solution.

Since Danville partnered with United Public Safety over a year ago, Chief Eric Gill described the entire experience as “great!” The UPsafety experts provided exceptional customer support when training the parking staff, easing the transition to a cloud-based technology. “I was impressed by the installation process—it was completely painless,” he said before adding, “UPsafety quickly came and hooked us up to the cloud. They got us up and running smoothly in a timely manner.” So much so that within one year of using the UPsafety solution, Danville’s parking officers entered over 2700 tickets with less than 1% being unpaid.

Chief Gill’s primary motivation in implementing an electronic parking and permitting solution was to eliminate the time wasted by their paper-based ticketing method. “The ability to upload tickets was my main goal. Uploading saves time and cuts down on errors.” Although the need for a more progressive technology was apparent, the Chief was anticipating some public backlash after the switch away from the colored paper tickets they were using. “I was prepared for a whole lot of confrontation from the public, but the transition was so smooth, it was scary. We are very happy with the service.”

Chief Gill required a reliable solution that suited the needs of his department by delivering on its promises, and he found exactly what he was looking for in the UPsafety solution. “That’s what people like me like to see. We like to see results.” He wanted to give his feedback because he understands the value of peer-to-peer reviews. “If you do the job well, you should get credit for it.”

Thank you, Danville, for giving United Public Safety the opportunity to go above and beyond for your department.

Customer Profile

Total Parking Spaces
450 spaces

quotemark…the transition was so smooth, it was scary. We are very happy with the service.quotemark
Chief Eric Gill
Danville Police Department