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Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania

Formerly the Tyler Estate, Bucks County Community College (Bucks) encompasses 200-acres in the heart of Newtown Township, Pennsylvania. Since its inception in 1965, Bucks has grown to serve over 10,000 students spread across three campuses. As a thriving commuter college, Bucks required a solid solution to facilitate the continual flow of traffic for its students. They chose United Public Safety to equip them for the job.

In a conversation with Security and Safety Director Dennis McCauley, the UPsafety team gauged Bucks County’s satisfaction with the Parking and Permitting solution for the past year. With the responsibility of regulating 2,500 parking spots, it was crucial that the transition to the system be as seamless as possible. To that end, Mr. McCauley described the UPsafety team as “Terrific! They were very helpful and responsive. The installation process was handled pretty smoothly.”

The Bucks parking officers found that the solution completely satisfied their enforcement needs. The staff quickly embraced the new system, according to Mr. McCauley. “It’s well thought out technology, and the equipment is user friendly. A majority of the officers have taken to it quite readily.”

In addition to the innovative technology, Mr. McCauley noted a significant increase in efficiency department-wide. He added, “It’s a huge time saver for the office staff because the permit applications are completed online. Each student previously had to come in and fill out a form.” But with the solution, this process can be handled conveniently online.

Mr. McCauley was also impressed with the incorporation of photographs on the tickets as they clear up any confusion with violations. “There is a review process. Having it helps the appeals panel understand why the violation was issued so they can make an informed decision about whether to uphold the violation.” Eliminating disputes allows the department to fully focus on their main priority of campus safety.

Mr. McCauley wasted no time in recommending our solution to his peers. “I feel very fortunate to have found the UPsafety solution. We looked at a number of other options but this one met our needs and is a cost effective solution. I’m very glad we found it.”

Thank you, Bucks County Community College, for giving United Public Safety the opportunity to serve your college and fulfill all your parking enforcement needs.

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quotemark…I feel very fortunate to have found the UPsafety solution.quotemark
Dennis McCauley
Security and Safety Director