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UPsafety offers intelligent, best-in-class software solutions for parking enforcement, permit management, code enforcement, and e-citation applications.

CityCite CityCite Parking Enforcement Solution

CityCite® is our complete, efficient and powerful Cloud-based parking enforcement and permit management system software, helping modern governments stay far ahead of the technological curve.

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UCite UCite Parking Enforcement for Campuses

UCite® is UPsafety’s permit/parking enforcement solution designed specifically for the unique requirements of colleges and universities.

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CodeCite CodeCite Code Enforcement Solution

CodeCite® is a highly efficient mobile code enforcement solution designed to simplify officers' and back office staffs' tasks of enforcing local ordinances and HOA rules and regulations.

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ForCite PA ForCite E-Citation Solution

ForCite® allows the issuance of state statutes and offenses, integrating in real-time with your court system and RMS, and offers a wide range of functionality to benefit officer efficiency and safety.

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Mobile Enforcement Hardware Options


To accompany our solutions, choose to use our tw0-piece solution or Bring Your Own Android and Bluetooth printer devices.

About Us


Founded in 2012, UPsafety is a leading provider of enforcement, asset tracking and business process automation software to modern governments and operations.

Municipalities, universities, operators, healthcare campuses, and transportation hubs can now leverage the combined technology solutions of T2 Systems since we joined forces with the team in 2020.

We are committed to the idea that government technology doesn’t have to be outdated, software doesn’t have to be complex to be smart, and that small teams can do big things. Our goal is to lead agencies into the modern age by making cutting-edge technology accessible to even the smallest departments.

We are enforcement lifecycle specialists, with a focus on the latest technology, seamless implementations and a dedication to 24/7/365 in-house support.


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