Enforce Parking within Paid Zones

Fully integrated into United Public Safety's ToCite® Parking Enforcement solution, iMeter informs officers of current parking payment status prior to ticket issuance.

Utilizing accurate, real-time data delivered directly into officers’ hands, iMeter provides an overview of all spaces or vehicles that have paid for parking, are soon to be expired, or have recently expired thus allowing officers to target those areas for enforcement.

We integrate with a growing list of industry-leading kiosk and pay-by-phone vendors. Contact us to discover our current list or request integration with your specific vendor.

iMeter Pay by Phone Image
iMeter Features

  • Parking kiosk integration
  • Mobile Pay-to-park connectivity

  • Automatic data refresh
  • Filter by payment status: paid, expired, or soon-to-be expired

  • Alerts users of target areas based on payment status
  • Search by space or license plate

  • Real-time accurate data

    View vehicles which have paid for parking using Kiosks and Pay to Park Solutions. Automatic data refresh enables enforcement officers to search current information in specific locations for specific space number or license plate number.

  • On the spot verification

    Software conducts real-time check for extended parking time prior to completing the issue ticket process

  • On demand data filtering

    Filter results to view only vehicles which have paid for parking or vehicles which have time limits that have recently expired. Sort vehicles by: Time Limit, Space Number, or License Plate Number.

  • Auto-population of ticket data

    Ability to ticket vehicles with auto population of relevant ticket data saves officer time.