Chalk your Way

Choose if an Image, License Plate Number, Space/Meter Number, Location Name, and Valve Stem Position are required, optional, or not needed at all to ensure maximum efficiency when chalking many vehicles quickly.

Images provide proof of violation and are time stamped with the date and time the image was taken as well as the GPS information of where the vehicle was chalked. Images assist the officer in re-confirming if the same vehicle is overtime during their return chalk.

License Numbers and Space/Meter Numbers add additional confirmations on an officer's second chalk that a specific vehicle is still in the same location.

The video to the right demonstrates the ease of UPsafety's iChalk.

iChalk Features

  • All vehicle movements recorded electronically
  • GPS Assisted
  • No direct contact with the street or the vehicle

  • No Chalk
  • Chalk as you walk with your handheld device
  • Accurate information for collection enforcement

  • Photo proof of violation
  • Visual (non-invasive) alerts
  • Three click process (new vehicle, image, store)

  • Valve Stem Position marking

    Confirms that a vehicle did not move between the first and second chalks and allows the officer to quickly select the "hour" position on a clock of where the valve stem is on a specific tire. This is utilized by customers who may require additional proof that a vehicle did not move during their time chalked.

  • Duplicate Chalk Alerts

    iChalk will intelligently identify if a vehicle's License Number was chalked previously that day in any other location or space to identify those who may be moving their vehicle to a different space on the same street or location.

  • Intelligent Chalked Vehicle Sorting

    Summary by Location sort allows officers to view and disseminate all chalks across all locations to make an informed decision regarding the next location to visit. All sorts identify vehicles closest to the officer as the officer walks the streets or lots in real time.

  • Real time Google Maps® Integration

    Allows officers the ability to visibly identify where vehicles were chalked on a map as they walk and perform actions on those chalked vehicles as necessary.

iChalk Screenshots
iChalk New Vehicle Screen

iChalk Vehicles List by Location

iChalk Vehicle Location Map

iChalk Valve Stem Marker